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Kids - Jerry Folk

A mesmerizing and enchanting video exploring the transition from childhood to adulthood.

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Epoch is an experimental film intended to take you on a voyage through our solar system and beyond. It is a personal project orchestrated to share our enjoyment and admiration for science fiction films and literature. 

To optimize your viewing experience, Epoch is best experienced with a full screen, no artificial light intrusion, ample sound speakers, and an open mind free of predictions or expectations in order to allow the film to guide you on its expedition and take you to another place entirely. Enjoy the journey. See you on the other side.

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LSTW Magazine

LSTW is a Montreal-based queer magazine that has a mandate to broaden access to LGBTQ+ communities through art, culture and politics. With that in mind, we aim to celebrate role models, promote diversity and shine a spotlight on pan-Canadian lesbian culture in a new way.

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Tour de France - Kraftwerk

Tour de France Soundtracks is the tenth studio album by the German electronic group Kraftwerk, released in August 2003. It was re-released in October 2009 under the title Tour de France. The album was recorded for the 100th anniversary of the first Tour de France bicycle race, although it missed its intended release date for the actual tour. It includes a new recording of their 1983 single of the same name, the cover artwork of both releases being nearly identical. 

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